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Building a Startup in 4 Days: Hoodmaps: Day 1 (coding starts at 13m30s)

In this YouTube series, I show how I build a mini startup called from the first line of code to a functioning web app. This was recorded in April 2017. A few months later, in ...

MicroConf 2018 videos – Justin Jackson's talk on product validation

Having product/market fit isn't enough; you need to have three things to succeed. See the product validation checklist here: MicroConf is a conference for ...

Daniel Bader - Building and Launching a SaaS Product with Python in 2 Weeks

The story of how I used Python + Django to build and launch a tiny paid SaaS app in two weeks and how you can do the same. The goal of my talk is to show you how to use the Shopify app store as a ...

AWS re:Invent 2017: Deconstructing SaaS: A Deep Dive into Building Multi-tenant Solu (ARC407)

SaaS presents developers with a unique blend of architectural challenges. While the concepts of multi-tenancy are straightforward, the reality of making all the moving parts work together can be ...

Turning Side Projects into Profitable Startups

The book that this presentation is about is now available: Presented at, thanks to Michael Craig and Haren Tambi for hosting. The popular narrative of ...

MicroConf 2015: How to Build a Solo SaaS Sales Machine by Steli Efti

Level up: | Steli speaking at MicroConf 2015. For downloadable MP3 & full transcript, check → ...